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07 June 2020 @ 02:23 am

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19 September 2010 @ 08:57 pm
Title: Shelter
Pairing: Yoosu
Author: Senify
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do NOT own Yoochun or Junsu. But I own this oneshot.
Summary: Yoochun reminds things that happened to him and want to change.


Some people say a story loses something with every time telling them.
But this story has lost nothing; it’s the first time it’s been told. If this didn’t happening to me, I wouldn’t believe what I’ll tell you all. There are many disbelievers who have to change their mind above supernaturally Events, happened in this world, their world.

What happened to me these days?? I was lost in a deep whole of sorrows. Nothing went my way. My Mum was in hospital; diagnostic: Cancer. There was only me who could help her- who should help her but how? She lived in America; I’ve my work in Seoul. Before I was able to be by her side she drifted away from my live. A few months ago my father and my younger brother died in a car accident. There was no time to grieve for my family. They’d die so soon after.

I couldn’t concentrate on things happening on my work, in my life- life goes on no matter what shit has come up for you. It was like I’d to face the force of God all by myself. In this dark desert wasn’t anyone, any whole to hide, any place to rest. The only way…the only way out of this shit was to follow my family and refer to a small room next to them in heaven.
I stepped into the bathroom of my work. I didn’t care what happened, what would be. Normally people ask themselves if there’s heaven or hell waiting for them at the end of the light flooded tube. This wasn’t even an issue for me. I just saw the face of my brother, holding his fire truck in my direction, laughing at me and requesting me for taking the police car.

All I remember is the glare light border your soft face. “He’s awake. God, thanks, he’s awake.”
At that time I realized that I wasn’t allowed to leave the evil game of life. The new life given to me ripped me off the ground under my feet. Tears began to run over my cheeks. “Why?” I whispered softly and broken, not even wanted to hear the answer.

Everyone has the right of life, but what if you don’t want to face the world? If you’re not strong enough to go step by step for creating your own life? Why do they have to force me to live?
In this world is nothing left for me…I don’t belong here.

“We found you on the floor. You lost a lot of blood. Please stay and recover.”
I didn’t want to recover. I didn’t want to live anymore. But when I heard this soft voice, noticed his worried face, I felt different.  “You’ll make it and then we eat ice-cream, okay? I love ice-cream, so don’t even think about giving up. You’re the only one with who I will eat it.” His angel- like voice hypnotized me; all I could do was nodding lightly.

Time passed by. Many ices had been from only one. Death became Life. Winter became summer. Loneliness became together. Us against the world. He knew he could trust me and I…I knew he would.

The bell rang and a few moments later Junsu stepped in my flat. “Donuts with laughing face as it should be!” I smirked and let him go to the living room.
I don’t know if he eats only smiling, sweet things when I’m with him, but I’m sure that this is a part of his cheering up game for me. If he knew, that I’m totally free of suicide thoughts since he’s with me? He wasn’t only the one saving my live by bringing me to hospital. He was the one giving me hope and lead me through this labyrinth of life. He’s the reason why I’m still alive.

There were warm summer days, when we walked hand in hand through the park near my home.  We left footsteps in the sand way.  I loved Junsu for his smile, his optimism; his thoughts and that he never give up. But that day…something was wrong. I didn’t know why, but Junsu wasn’t like I knew him. He was quiet and stares on the sand to our feeds. I looked at him, but he didn’t look back. This side made me worries.

Back in my flat, on my sofa I looked at him, poked him in his side, but he didn’t even laugh a few seconds. All he did was smiling lightly, wanted to show that he’s alright. But he wasn’t. I’d know him to good. But for any reason I couldn’t ask what was wrong with him. I wasn’t the caring type, but on the other side Junsu was the only one left in my life.
Not good with words, but good in acting.
I opened my arms and closed them around him, showing that I’m by his side, like he was by mine. He looked up inquiringly. I gave him a smile. The honest smile I’d ever given so far. His features were a bit like other times before. He stretched his head a bit and kissed me a feather with his lips. Confused I started to return the kiss, trying to pay back all he gave to me in times I needed him the most. Now it was my turn. I gave him what ever he wants. He nestles to me and stroked with his hands through my dark hair. I grabbed him by the side and pushed him on the couch. With his big eyes he looked at me, grabbed my shirt and pulled me down to him. Once again, we fell into a kiss. It lasts longer and was more intensive than the first one. Confirmed I wandered with my hands under his pullover and felt the soft skin under my fingers.

On that evening we were the first time close. Our bodies moved against each other like a couple. But did we were one? For me Junsu was like my brother I’ve lost. Someone I must protect. 
I gave him the love he reserved and needed this time. My lips caressed his skin, my hands stimulated his body, liking to hear his whispers for more, his scream of lust when I drove him crazy, as he wanted.

I was a shelter for him, like he was my shelter. No one would ever reach us, if we were together. No pain, no sorrows. We just had to be together. This was, what I thought. Junsu instead had different imagination.  I don’t know what exactly leads him these damned days…

From my window I watched you leaving. The thought of loving you filled my heart, but…I didn’t know if I could love you. I wonder why you did. You gave me all. I gave you nothing.

Even when you’re in sorrow I let you fall. You were the one who trusted in me. I’m not the one trusting in anyone. I let you down, because I couldn’t jump over my shadow and didn’t ask what the matter was with you. 
I couldn’t let you near to my heart although you were still in there. Now I know this. I loved you from the beginning Junsu. You were my star shining in the lonely dark world only for me.
Had I only noticed it at that time... All your calls…why did I hang up? why didn’t I call back? I feared the things you would had told me on the telephone. I didn’t want any problems in my live anymore. The smiling you and me together, this was everything I wanted. But why didn’t I help you out? In that case you didn’t have to do this. To go this step.  You left me like I wanted to left the world, before I knew you.
The telephone rang. It wasn’t your number. They told me you had committed suicide. You could do what I wasn’t able to do. You drifted away and live in a small room near my family, instead of mine.
I can’t forgive myself for hesitating.  If I could turn back time, I would give you all the love you reserved.  But now…autumn was back and the winter will come.

Now, a few months later in December,  I’m sitting here in a small café. It’s raining. It’s the sound of the rain that hits my heart. The day you leaved my flat…when we were close and I saw you the last time of my live, there was rain too. I’ll never forget the feeling I had while you leaved. Did I know what would happen to you? I don’t know.

So, why do I tell this story? I do it because in front of me, at another table, a young man is sitting and reading a book while drinking his tepid coffee. His hair’s dark and wet from the rain outside; he looks a little bit lost in the world. Again he looks up shortly for focusing his cup. I can’t believe it. He looks like my angel Junsu only with dark and shorter hair, but he hasn’t the charisma, like him. He looked lonely and sad down to his book shut it and lend sighting back on his seed.

I stand up and sit down next to him. “Hey…what’s the matter sweetie?” I asked like I used to talk to Junsu in the past. He looked up, smiling like he would want to say, that everything’s alright. But when I learned anything in the short time with Junsu, then that people are trying to lie if it comes to their problems. “Ah. I know that you’re not lucky honey. I see it on your face!” Confused he looks in my eyes, wanting to laugh for showing that he’s okay, but he failed. Instead of laughing he lean on me and starts crying. “My Mother is ill. She has cancer and will die. I’m the only one left in this world. I don’t know what I should do. I want to leave. I want to leave this shit world!”
“…” He was like me. I know what he must feel at this moment. He’s lost in Life and has no place where to go. “Hey…my Mother died on cancer…I felt lonely because she was the only one left from my family. I didn’t even saw her before she died. But…if I’m allowed to say something…don’t give up. You can face the world, if you’re not alone.” I lay my arms around him, while he looks at me. “But…I’m new in this town…and I don’t know anyone…I am alone…” He whispers. I smiled warmly at him. “No. You are not alone. You have me. I’m by your side, you know?” For a second time he sniffs and looks at me, but with a light smile on his lips. He nodded. “O…okay…” “I give you my phone number, that you can call me when ever you want.”
We chanced numbers und talked a while until the sun shined trough the clouds. “I’ve to go now. My mum is waiting for me. But… I will call you for sure. Thank you very much…for everything you did for me.”
“I did nothing…we only talked a while. But if will do everything for making your life shine.”
The dark angel smiled and gave me a little kiss on my cheek. “Thank you… and byebye! ‘Till tomorrow!”
“Sure! I know the sun will shine tomorrow! I love ice-cream, so tomorrow is the perfect day for it and from now on you’re the only one with who I will eat it.” He smirked.
“But it’s winter.”
“No matter what Season it is. When you like, in your heart always can be summer…or spring~” With these words he wants to leave the café.
“Ah! He! Before you leave. What’s your name? I’m Yoochun.”
“My Name is Xiah. ‘Till tomorrow Chunnie~”
I lend back, watching him leaving the café. “Ice-cream…” I mumbled…”This boy…is he my second chance Junsu?”
I pay and left the café. Looking at the light blue sky, nervous about that, what will happen the next days…months…and hopefully years.  But I promise: I don’t let you down Xiah. I’ll protect you what ever happens. I want to be your hold in life, your shelter. The strong shoulder you could lend on. And I will be all that for you, what I couldn’t be for Junsu. Not even death could get us apart. From now on, we will be together again.
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24 February 2010 @ 08:32 pm
 Hello everybody!

Today I received my Cards and scanned them. I want to share the pictures with you!

Maybe you want to trade some cards!
I have the blue colored cards and I want the yellow coloreds cards~
The x[Number] are the cards which I want to trade^^

Card download

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16 January 2010 @ 04:18 pm
Hello there~
I've scanned the booklet from the 3rd asia tour "mirotic" and wanted to share it with you!
Some most pitcures were double pages and you can's see everything. Sorry!! But most is scanned~


The booklet includes some pictures of dating on earth as well

You can download it  ♥Here♥

Please credit if taken, thank you!


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01 July 2009 @ 05:25 pm
Hello there~
I've scanned "Shine" and wanted to share it with you!
Some pictures weren't scanned, because they were double pages and you wouldn't see anything if I'd scanned them. Sorry!! But most is scanned~

The photobook includes:
-pictures from the five in the back concert
-tour report
-interviews from all five boys

Feel free tu translate^.~
Please leave a comment if taken. You don't have to credit.

Just klick on the picture below for your download~

Thanks to kao_kao_kakao, who added the mediafire link. For downloading please klick here
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07 June 2009 @ 01:12 pm
I've looked arround and didn't saw the scans posted here! So I  scanned them for sharing! There are no watermarks and you can use them how you want to! Please comment if taken (*^ー^)ノ








My Scanner sucked. He's not good at scanning dark pictures thought..
Here  the link for bigger scans!

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17 January 2009 @ 06:34 pm
Übernommen von Tuba~

Was würdest du tun, wenn...
» Ich stürbe:
» Ich dir sagte, "Ich mag dich":
» Ich dich küsste:
» Ich direkt neben an wohnte:
» Ich etwas klaute:
» Ich ins Krankenhaus käme:
» Ich weit weg ziehen würde:

Was denkst du über mein/e...
» Persönlichkeit:
» Augen:
» Gesicht:
» Haar:
» Kleidung:
» Manieren:

[01] Wer bist du?
[02] Sind wir Freunde?
[03] Wann und wo haben wir uns das erste Mal getroffen?
[04] Wie habe ich mich da angezogen?
[05] Was denkst du über mich?
[06] Welche ist die schönste Erinnerung, die du von mir hast?
[07] Wie lang denkst du, bleiben wir Freunde oder Feinde?
[08] Liebst du mich?
[09] Habe ich dich jemals verletzt?
[10] Würdest du mich umarmen?
[11] Würdest du mich küssen?
[12] Würdest du mit mir schlafen?
[13] Stehen wir uns nahe?
[14] Was sticht bei unserer Beziehung heraus?
[15] Wünschtest du, ich wäre cooler?
[16] Auf einer Skala von 1 bis 10, wie nett bin ich?
[17] Gib mir einen Spitznamen und erkläre ihn.
[18] Bin ich liebenswürdig?
[19] Wie lange kennen wir uns?
[20] Beschreibe mich in einem Wort.
[21] Was war dein erster Eindruck von mir?
[22] Denkst du noch immer noch so über mich?
[23] Was denkst du ist meine Schwäche?
[24] Denkst du, ich werde einmal heiraten?
[25] Was an mir macht dich glücklich?
[26] Was an mir macht dich traurig?
[27] Was erinnert dich an mich?
[28] Was würdest du an mir ändern?
[29] Wie gut kennst du mich?
[30] Wolltest du mir jemals etwas sagen, konntest aber nicht?
[31] Denkst du, ich würde jemanden umbringen?
[32] Postest du das in deinem Blog, damit ich es auch ausfüllen kann?
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23 November 2008 @ 12:22 pm
Wie angekündigt, hier mein beitrag zu der Xman sendung xD
Ich lag so auf dem Boden vor lachen, als ich das gesehen habe, wirklich göttlich~

In der Serie geht es eigentlich darum den Xman zu finden, der über die Sendung hinweg immer wieder Andeutungen machen muss, dass er der Xman ist. Nachdem sich jeder vorgestellt hat (meistens durch alleiniges vortanzen), bekommt jeder zum Anfang der Sendung erzählt, ob er der Xman ist, oder nicht. Danach bilden sich zwei Gruppen, das Kang und das Yuri Team. Bei dieser folge waren Micky, Jaejoong und Junsu mit anderen im Kang- Team und Yunho und Changmin mit anderen im Xuri- Team.
Nun müssen sie immer kleine Spiele spielen, die von Sendung zu Sendung wechseln. Und versuchen diese Spiele für sich zu gewinnen. Danach wird darüber abgestimmt, wer der Xman ist, der muss dann nach vorne aufs Podest und seine Hand auf eine Scanfläche legen, dann wird aufgelöst, ob der Verdacht richtig war, oder nicht.

Ich mach mal Screens vom ersten Spiel, das war echt gut~
Aufgabe eins war: Survival Bride of Clouds!
Es ging darum, dass sich von jedem Team immer ein Mitglied an die Brücke hängt und versucht, das andere herunter zu treten! Was bei dbsk nicht immer unbedingt sehr einfach ist xD

Als erster kommt vom Yuri- Team der Schauspieler, der in einem Banju Drama Micky nach 10 Jahren spielte und der hat Micky selbst auch herausgefordert. Sperich: Die erste Runde ist Micky vs. Park Myung Soo.

Man sieht, dass Micky selbst noch auf diesen Kisten steht und Myung Soo bereits schwebt und sich mit de Füßen an Micky festhält, allerdings rutscht er ab und bein nac hinten schwingen fällt er runter auf die Matte.
Danach kommt Changmin ins Rennen und schmeißt Micky runter und zwar, weil er die Füße auf Micky Schultern legte und ihn so runter drückte.
Es folgt Junsu gegen Changmin! Junsu drückt mit den Füßen gegen Changmins Hände, die sich an den Stangen befinden und so fliegt auch Changmin xD

Wenn man sich das nur mit Bildern ansieht, ist es halb so lustig, aber jeder der das sehen will, bekommt von mir die Adresse xD
Der Witz an der sache ist, dass Junsu sich nach dem direkt danach folgenden Tritt von Yunho nicht halten kann und direkt hinterher fliegt. xD
Yunho will grade ein anderes Kang-Teammitglied fighten, als dieses von einem anderen Kang-Temmitglied in den Rücken getreten wird und fällt und das nur, weil Yunho gegen Jaejoong antreten soll xD
Am Ende bleiben jedenfalls noch Yunho und Jeaejoong über und das war der längste Kampf von allen.

wenn man sich das so ansieht, glaubt man nicht daran, dass Jaejoong gewinnt, oder? xD Dazu muss man sagen, dass er einfac die besseren Karten hat!

WEnn man sich das so ansieht, dann erkennt man ziemlich eindeutig, dass er sich mit de Ellenbogen festhält und Yunho mit den Fuß Yunho in der Achsel kitzelt! xD
Es folgt ein Beschimpfungs-Battle, in dem MyungSoo zu Micky sagt: "Micky....du bist ich!" Diese Beschimpfung zieht sich über die ganze Sendung.
Es folgt eine weitere Runde Survival Bridge of Clouds, in der auch die Mädels mitspielen.
Dabei ist der letzte kampf wieder Jeajoong vs Yunho und Yunho kitzelt Jaejoong mit der Hand in de achseln, so dass dieser sich nicht mehr halten kann und fällt. Alleridngs zieht er Yunho mit, jedoch weil Jaejoong als erstes fällt, geht der Punkt ans Yuri Team.
Eine neue Beleidigungsrunde fängt an, in der Jaejoong Yunho beschimpfen soll. Er fängt folgendes an zu singen: "Just let me be your war bed for one day..." Da fragt man sich, wieso das eine beleidigung sein soll und nachdem Yunho meinte, es wäre sehr schrecklich wäre, wenn ein Junge sowas für ihn singt, erklärt Jaejoong, dass sein erster Scandal Yunho war xD Wegen den Banju Drama, in dem die beiden sich sehr mochten. xD
Es folgt eine dritte Runde Suvival Bridge of Clouds, in welcher auf einmal gar keine Regeln mehr herrschen und alle einfach mal hier wen treten und da wen treten xD

Hier z.b: hängt Micky, nachdem Jaejoong ihn in de Rücken getreten hat ziemlich nach an dem Mädchen dran und dann kommt EagleEye und kitzelt ihn in den Achseln, damit er los lässt xD Allerdings hat die kleine weniger Kraft und lässt noch vor Micky los, wobei Micky kurz danach hinterher fliegt.
Am Ende Opfert sich Jaejoong und reist EagleEye mit auf die Matten, somit geht der Punkt von der Runde an das Kang- Team.

Es folgt das ultimative beschimpfungs-match. Junsu bombadiert Yunho mit der "what-ever"-attack und gewinnt so das spiel und das Battle von Changmin und Jaejoong muss man sich ansehen..xD Jaejoong gewinnt dadurch, dass er sich immer entschuldigt..!

Seht's euch bitte an xD
Das endeist sowieso das beste, in welchem Jaejoong Changmin ausknockt xD

Nächstes war das Touch Wrestling. Regel war: Lege dich mit deinem Körper auf die Figur in der Mitte, halte das 5 Sekunden durch und du hast gewonnen. Klingt einfach, ist es aber nicht! Da jede kleine Abweichung ausreicht, um nicht mehr komplett auf der Figur zu liegen. Das war das lustigste Spiel von allen und davon Screens zu machen, würde viel zu lange dauern, weil ich wirklich jede Sekunde screenen müsste xD"
Zum Beispiel Micky vs. EagleEye:

Es dauete ziemlich lange, bis ein sieger gekürt werden konnte, aber dadurch, dass jemand von dem Yuri- Team Junsu auf die Hose getreten war, konnte das Yuri- Team gewinnen xD
Davon gabs auch drei Runden.

Danach musste sich jeder ein Mädchen als Parner aussuchen. Dieso wurden dann mit Tänzen und Gesagt beeindruckt.
Und wenn dann jeder einen Partner hatte, ging das Kiloheben los. Jeder musste sein Mädchen auf den arm nehmen, bekam ein 5kg-reissack noch dazu und musste dann in die Hocke gehen und wieder aufstehen. Nach jedem aufstehen, kam ein 3kg Reis-sack dazu. Nach einer Weile war Changmin der erste, der umfiel. Dann kam Micky, Jaejoong und Junsu. Yunho war der Gewinner.
Am ende wurde dann entschieden, wer der Xman ist. und Micky bekam am meisten Stimmen für den Xman. Und man siehe da, er war es sogar xD
Am Ende folgt noch ein Rückblick von Micky hinweisen, die er den anderen als Xman gegeben hat (denke ich mal xD).

Das wars xD~
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26 October 2008 @ 11:43 am
Das NutelladramaCollapse )

Das ich die KnS bis gestern um drei noch gesehen habe, war nichtmal wirklich schlimm, dank der Zeitverschiebung~

Selbst im Fliegenlook ist Nao noch toll xD~

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12 September 2008 @ 08:52 am
So, ich werde nun das Wochenende zur nichi fahren.
Mal sehen, was das so bringen wird. Ich freu mich jedenfalls darauf!
In der Zeit, wo ich nciht dabin, könnt ihr ja mal von Nao lernen, wie man WÜrstchen herstellt und das ein wenig üben!

How to make Würstchen:

Ja und die fertigen könnt ihr dann ja Shin-chan schenken ^-^
Der hatte nämlich am 11 September geburtstag~

Happy Birthday Shin~

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